NEGSMO is Northeast Georgia Special Missions Outreach , a mission of the Associations of churches in Northeast Georgia to being the Gospel to settings where large groups of people gather: Trucking Ministry, Tanger Outlet Ministry, Fair Outreach and more.
To bring Christians together learning evangelism and uniting to further God's Kingdom.


 Fellow Servants:

In May I will have been in fulltime service at the Petro Stopping Center on I-85 for 20 years.  I was thinking about the ministry here.  The setting is very different from many other works.  We don’t have stadiums filled with thousands of people.  We don’t have a big building that the membership comes to on a weekly basis. In fact we never know if anyone will come to be a part of the services.  We often need to be out amongst those who come our way making connections.

This morning I came in and there was a note with $2.00 in the offering box that said thanks for all you do!  Many drivers come desiring fellowship and encouragement or have questions about life situations or the scriptures.  Some come, like the four or five we have seen this year, to seek out the Lord and make a life changing decision during their visit.

Sunday the atmosphere prior to the service was negative as 2 of the three drivers were talking about things they dealt with in their work environment.  As we got into the message and could relate how we are to be in those environments, the attitudes changed and one of those drivers rededicated his life to the Lord. 

The trucking industry has millions of people, many of which know the Lord and many who don’t.  We are an oasis, a place of hope, a place where lives can and are changed one at a time.  Thank you for believing in the work here at the Petro.

We also continue the work with the fairs at Clarkesville and at Elberton in the fall as well as the gift-wrapping at Christmas.  In all those settings, we bring the message to those who come our way sometime from other parts of the southeast.

We have been supported by many churches, individuals and associations.  I thank the Lord for that support so we could continue.  The need for support is ongoing and I ask that you consider giving to the work we do.  Contributions can be sent to NEGSMO, Sarepta Baptist Association, 4010 Jefferson Rd.  Athens Ga. 30607.

My heart is to see lives changed in the work I do.  God has allowed me to do that since my salvation on August 7th 1990.  May He give you that desire in your lives as well!


Chaplain Kevin