Backpacks for Appalachia

Please go to "Events" tab listed above and then "Christmas Backpacks" to see bulletin that gives instructions on packing backpacks and labels. 


We have an opportunity to help serve some families in Kentucky this Christmas.  Our Association has participated in the Christmas Backpacks program for the last several years.  Each year we have collected the backpacks and had them delivered to the Georgia Baptist Convention where they were then distributed all across Appalachia.  We have never known just where our backpacks have gone in the past.  However, this year we have the opportunity to partner with sister churches of the Hebron Baptist Association and collect backpacks that will be distributed at Letcher Elementary and Middle Schools in Blackey, KY.

            In order to partner with Hebron Association, we need to slightly modify the way that we have packed and collected the backpacks in the past.  You will find on the bulletin mentioned at top of this page, very specific details about how to pack the backpacks, some essential items needed in the backpacks, and what not to include.  Please be faithful to adhere to these requests so that each child receiving a backpack will be equally blessed.  In addition, when you deliver the packs to our office, please do not bring them in boxes, as it will be easier for the team to transport them to KY unboxed.

            The Georgia Baptist Mission Board will again be receiving backpacks to be used across Appalachia and they will be promoting their collection over the next few months.  You may even notice that one of our Association Churches is a drop-off site for their collection.  However, I want to encourage you to help us collect enough backpacks to supply all of the needs for this community in Kentucky and to deliver your backpacks to the Tugalo Baptist Association office.  This is not an attempt to compete with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board; all of the backpacks that we collect will be reported to them and celebrated in the total count of Christmas Backpacks for Children and Teens. 

If you have any questions about this event, please call the Association Office at (706)779-2626 and we will be glad to help!