Associational Missionary

Closing Remarks from your Interim 
Associational Missionary: 

          The short time of my interim ministry as your Associational Missionary will shortly come to an end. I will remain until near the middle of February to assist your recently called Missionary, Mike Blount, in the transition. My stay with you here has been greatly rewarding to me and I thank you very much for the opportunity and for your confidence.

          My heart has been lifted and my spirit thrilled at the warm acceptance of Phyllis and I into your fellowship. I have been greatly impressed with your deep commitment to our Lord and His church. May you become ever stronger in your corporations with one another as you advance the cause of Christ in this area. We must never let down or slow up in reaching the lost and unbelieving communities around us with the Gospel. Remember, the Gospel has a “Go” in it.

Be strong and of good courage. Please keep us in your prayers as we will remember you.

 With love and deep appreciation,

Joe and Phyllis Vernon




Rev. Mike Blount and his wife Cathy

Rev. Blount will begin his new position on February 3 as he participates in his first Associaitonal Missionary 
Workshop February 3-5

There will be a Pastors and Wives dinner with Rev. Mike and Mrs. Cathy on February 18, 6:30 pm at Georgia Baptist Conference Center Toccoa in the Rotunda. 

If you are one of our Association Pastors, please plan to attend. All you have to do is call or email the Association office by February 4.