Associational Missionary


Dr. Wade Lott

Associational Missionary


            I hope that you have had a wonderful summer and have taken the opportunity to get away for a few days and recharge.  It is hard to believe, but school will be back in session in just a few days! With the start of school comes the beginning of a new church year, for many of our churches.  Have you considered your strategy for reaching the Next Generation?  Did you know that most people come to faith in Christ before age 19?  Did you know that 60% of those who grew up in church and walk away do so between the ages of 18-22?  We, as the church, need to be intentional about seeking to reach the Next Generation.  The Georgia Baptist Mission Board has developed some great resources to help churches be strategic in seeking to reach and disciple young people.  There is a great 4-step strategy, with accompanying resources and videos, that is available for free at I want to encourage you to visit this site and utilize these resources to reach young people for Christ!

            Another great resource, that is available to help disciple children, is Kids in the Word.  Kids in the Word is a plan to help children get into the Word of God and get God’s Word inside of them.  This strategy was started as summer challenge for kids to encourage each kid to have their own Bible, know the books of the Bible, read a book of the Bible during the same year, and memorize at least 10 Bible verses.  There is a new Kids in the Word School Year Challenge that has just been rolled out and I want to encourage you to consider using this challenge to help disciple your children.  More information can be found at

            Finally, we are once again collecting Christmas Backpacks.  Over the past few years, we have taken our backpacks to the Georgia Baptist Convention and they have distributed wherever there was a need across Appalachia.  This year we have partnered with the Hebron Baptist Association to supply enough backpacks for the Letcher Elementary and Letcher Middle Schools in Blackey, KY.  Because we are taking them to a specific area, the backpacks have some essential items that need to be included.  We mailed a flyer to each church with the needed information.  If you did not receive the flyer, or you need more information, please contact our office and we will be happy to help.  Have a blessed August!!